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Upsider believes that the future is in education and technology. The integration of these two is the sweet spot that Upsider hopes to explore and ace!

For the field of education we use a two pronged method:

  • For Schools: We believe that the person imparting the knowledge and education is as important as the education itself. Teaching is a job that requires patience, skill and deep empathy. We give schools the chance to explore talent out there at zero profit to company. You can use our live map to scout talent across the city to be able to incentivise them to join your school. We tie up with districts to provide this technology to schools at base cost price, because we believe in the future.
  • For Educators: We use our technology to help educators and teachers find a job best suited to their skills and geographic preferences by curating a map of teaching opportunities available across several districts in the same city. This makes it easier for teachers/educators to scout through jobs without visiting multiple district websites and opening up opportunities to them across districts without being restricted to only one location!